Somewhat Fancy Dipping Sauce

This recipe came by a touch too many cocktails and solid support from Fushica Dunlop.

Also these are loose measurements so definitely recommend starting at half and adjusting for flavour. (Yes I’m not british and I hate you too.) (also sadly because of drunkenese we’re using ratios. Please sue later.)

1 part ginger
.25 part neutral oil
1 part garlic
.5 part crushed pepper (Note I have a bajillion of these so piquan is what I used for this.)
.125 (1/8) part coriander, this provides the floral top notes and depth
.25 part ground cumin, fresh is better and this provides the spice backbone
2 parts light soy sauce
.5 part sesame oil
.5 part black vinegar

heat neutral oil til hot and toss in ginger, garlic, and spices. Saute briefly. again we’re looking for flavour change but not toastiness. Once there, pull from heat and add soy sauce and vinegar. After resting five minutes add sesame oil to taste and use liberally for any cooled vegetable or other appropriate vessel.

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