Lintik Cocktail

Lintik Cocktail

which really isn’t any species of cocktail at all, but a sort of liquid triple threat originated for reasons strictly dishonourable, but electrifying;

I can’t disagree with that statement and if you read the gentleman’s biography which follows — the inventor himself sounds quite similar. A note from the biographer stated that he died virtually blind in Mexico and given his proclivity towards drink I would hasten a judgment, probably of poorly made spirits.

… the Lintik is the smoothest drink which I’ve run into lately….Lintik, as you may know, being Tagalog for ‘Lightning’.

“The main drawabck to this concoction is that it must be aged for two weeks, then chilled in an ice bucket without ever coming in contact with ice. . . . But the final result is well worth that little bother.


Good dry gin, 3 bottles
Lemons, juice 15; peel 10
Water, 2 1/2 cups
Angostura, 2 full tbsp
Sugar, 1 1/4 pounds

Strain lemon juice carefully through 2 cloths. Boil sugar and water for 2 minutes, strain and cool. Add gin and bitters. Bottle, placing the peel of 2 lemons in each bottle. Store in a cool spot, not too cold, to age. Serve chilled and under no condition add any ice. This will make around 4 to 5 bottles of Lintik cocktails.

Tender’s notes: I’ve been a fan of Aviation or Broker’s and have yet to try with Gordon’s. I’d be careful of creating a cloying drink though as this drink is rather viscous when served. Also, 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is solid for the aging.

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